10 tips to consider when buying a new build (these are merely suggestions)

  1. Bring your realtor - you must register your realtor the first time you visit a new build site.  This ensures you have representation during the entire process.  Its free to you and your realtor should give you valuable information to give you peace of mind.
  2. Know if you want a single story or two-story home. The floor plan must make sense for your lifestyle. For example, if you have young children you may not want a two story or a two story where the master bedroom is downstairs.
  3. “Location Location Location” - this doesn't just apply to the community. Each lot has its benefits and negatives for lifestyle preferences and resale purposes.
  4. Research the builder and the sub-contractors - for example: when walking through a model home ask who designs and installs the kitchen cabinets and look at their reviews.
  5. Join or view the neighborhood community page (Facebook or Nextdoor) During a resale transaction a buyer is given a 10-day inspection period.  As realtors we provide a Buyers Advisory so that our clients can do their own research on the home and surrounding community.  A new build may not have a lot of statistics about its immediate neighborhood but joining a community page may help with your research. I will provide a link to the Arizona Buyers Advisory below.
  6. Have your own Home Inspection done. When you sign a contract with the builder request what information they will need to have your own inspection done.  If you want to hire an inspector that can walk each phase such as framing and electrical those inspectors are available as well.  The extra money you spend could save you some headaches later. Be well informed on the builder’s warranty and claims process.
  7. Read the builders contract.  Some important information to know - How can you back out and get your earnest money back.  How are repairs handled if it’s the 3rd time breaking?
  8. Talk to other people who have built in that sub-division! I recommend you walk around and talk to the residents. Tell them you are thinking about building and if they had any tips or things to watch out for.
  9. When you walk through a model home you are looking at their most upgraded product. Don't expect your home look or even price out the same.  Focus on the bones of the house and if it will fit your likes and lifestyle.
  10. Know your timeline – If you need to get into a new home faster consider buying a spec home. These are homes where the previous buyer withdrew somewhere in the process.  Their loss can be your benefit.                                          

If you need a referral for a new build home inspector, contractor for estimates, landscaping estimates, or even a interior designer give me a call.